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  We know of 6 events of note in literature and the arts that occurred on August 27:
  • According to tradition, the Chinese philosopher Confucius, was born on this day in 551 BCE.
  • Dadaist photographer/artist Man Ray was born on this day in 1890.
  • John Keats wrote to his sister Fanny on this day in 1819 about his optimism for the tragedy Otho the Great, which he and his companion Charles Armitage Brown, had written.
  • The German idealist philosopher Georg Wilhelm Hegel was born on this day in 1770 in Stuttgart. It is said that among Hegel's last words was the statement, "Only one man ever understood my philosophy, and he didn't really understand it all that well."
  • The Spanish playwright of el Siglo de Oro, Lope de Vega, died on this day in 1635.
  • The Venetian painter Titian died on this day in 1576.