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  We know of 5 events of note in literature and the arts that occurred on November 9:
  • 1928, American poet Anne Sexton was born on this day in 1928.
  • American architect Stanford White, who designed the Washington Monument, was born on this day in 1853. He also designed the original Madison Square Garden, on the roof of which he was shot in 1906.
  • Hadley Richardson, the first Mrs. Ernest Hemingway, was born in St Louis on this day in 1891, eight years before Hemingway was born. Marrying her in 1921, Hemingway called her "Bones." Her father, like Hemingway's, was a suicide.
  • Harriet Westbrook, the first wife of the poet Shelley, took her life on this day in 1816, drowning herself in the Serpentine because of her disappointment over the way Shelley, then living with Mary Godwin, had treated her. She had become a prostitute, and some thought her pregnant, but modern notions think it was mere bloating. Mark Twain wrote a serious defense of Mrs. Shelley, condemning the way in which the literary world has forgiven Shelley for his treatment of her and their children.
  • The Russian prose writer Ivan Turgenev was born on this day in 1818. Thought of as the Russian Flaubert, his stories depicted bourgeois life in Russia among that section of society which looked to the West. Ernest Hemingway revered him as one of his models.